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A bit about myself so you can get to know me...



Hello, so you landed on my page! Either spirit has guided you here or your curious as to what I'm all about and the services and classes I offer. Either way I'm delighted to see you here...

A little background on me and how I got here...

Long long long ago on a dark wintery night...just kidding it was June 2010 when Great Spirit decided enough is enough with her (my loll gaging around and avoiding what my sacred path was to be!) I've been close to spirit my whole life, as a child I communicated with spirit every day. See my spirit (see through friend) was this awesome guy who showed himself as an older kid to me and went by a different name than who I know him as now. We'll call him Bob (not supposed to give a guides name out , its all hush hush you know) so Bob and I were very close but I was always scared my folks would catch me talking to the air as I wasn't sure they could see him because they didn't act like "hey there is a ghost hanging out with our kid"! So during my young life I could see and talk to the dead but by the time the hormones kicked in things intensified! I would try not to spaz out but by the time I was a teenager I was starting to freak-out inside, as back in the 1970s and 1980s they put people in the not so funny farm for this kind of stuff! So I a typical teenager in Seattle back then thought lets drown out the noise in my head and blur my eyes so I cant focus on the dead! Yup drugs, alcohol, party party party until I hit my early 20s, then I had to grow up and deal...well I still didn't deal I just ignored it. I had rose colored glasses on and would create logical explanations for what I was witnessing and experiencing all the while  freaking out silently inside! I was in the mind set of go to church do what was expected of me and they would all just go away! Well 30 years later it wasn't going away and I am so grateful they didn't and that they had the patience to stick around until I got with the program (awoke to my sacred contract for this lifetime)! here I am filled with gratitude for all the life lessons, all the crazy stuff I see, and for my guides as they show me the way. I am blessed to come from 2 families with a long line of ancestral mystics and adventures as both sides of my family have the beautiful gifts of mediumship  and healers for over 8 generations of family lineage dating back as early as the late 1700s and  early 1800s and coming from Welsh, Celtic, Scottish, Swedish and Mongolian tribal decent... my family has been blessed with the amazing gifts from spirit and to be in service...



 Through the teachers Ive been blessed to know and study under in this lifetime and beyond, I've chosen to walk a path of beauty by being in service to others who are waking up, desiring to live and learn another way to be in this live in a place of heart centeredness, connecting to all that ever was, is and will be with love and compassion in our hearts. To live a Shamanicly guided spiritual life to bring balance, peace and harmony into one self and our beautiful Goddess Gaia our sacred Mother wake up to our higherselves and embrace the gifts that Great Mystery has blessed each and every person with. 

Lets walk this path of beauty with love & compassion together...


By allowing our spirit guides, guardians, teachers, angels and ascended masters and our ancestor's to guide us, trusting they have our backs. Being in tune to the natural world, the world of spirit and our higher selves we can find inner and outer peace by co-creating our reality and our world we live in. We as the co-creators guided by our amazing guides to learn in this lifetime the lessons that are necessary to our raising our vibrations and conciseness  to shifting our beautiful amazing  Mother Earth in to a place of healing and love vibration through our own healing, be the light warriors, the healers, the seers, the mystics, the amazing people we were meant to be in this lifetime by walking in beauty and balance...Aho


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